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High Intensity Interval Training 

Level: Intermediate, Advanced 

Free Assement

We can do an assessment at my private home gym or through virtual/verbal appointment.

Over 15 Exercises

This plan has a multitude of exercises to be done in total of 3 sets and 12 reps. No breaks until one set is complete. Update plan with me after 6 weeks use minimum 3 times a week.

Physical/ Virtual Instruction

Once the plan is purchased, I go over each exercise with the client to ensure information is retained for the client to conduct their plan on their own with excitement and comfort.

About HIIT 

HIIT is a workout that is perfect for cardio, strength, and mobility all at once. HIIT exercises allow your body to maintain a tough and strenuous workout while preventing injuries such as going from a high impact movement and then into a low impact movement. A high impact movement will be difficult which increases your heart rate, and a low impact exercise will bring your heart rate down. Your body can maintain this workout more so than a constant high impact workout thus preventing injuries and keeping proper form. The most important thing is always maintaining form. If you cannot maintain form, please assess your position or weight. Too much weight is a common cause of your form breaking so remember it does not matter how much weight you use if the form is incorrect, you are most likely not going to see the results you want.

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