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Meet Alex


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Hey I’m Alex I’m a certified personal trainer who is all about using your body to exert energy keeping the mind as sane as one can. I have been certified through ISSA, international sports association, for 3 years now however I learned most of my knowledge through the Army. I was your good ol supply sergeant with a motivation and curiosity for fitness. I eventually worked my way up to assisting my last unit as a rehabilitation instructor for soldiers needing training to pass their APFT, physical fitness test. This additional duty helped me hone in on helping learn exercises while preventing injuries. 

I believe in using one’s body to start with a foundation of strength through calisthenics and progressing every so often with different training styles.

My Mission

Welcome to Vibin with Alex, my mission is to help anyone achieve their fitness goals through group fitness training and or individual training. My purpose is to improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, and overall health through exercise. I do not provide nutritional services however I can refer you to a local specialist to meet your specific needs. I provide group fitness classes such as HITT, Core, Strength, and Cardio. I train all levels beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I also provide classes at local parks which is under the group classes. If you’re just wanting a simple instructional video, you can follow I have that option as well! I am highly motivated and energetic so when you allow me to help you through your fitness goals be prepared to be pushed, challenged, and seen.  I believe you got to give energy to get it for every bit of energy you give me will return tenfold. Stay consistent and know when you enter my arena that this is the one thing for YOU.

Why Vibe with Alex?

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Professional Trainer

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